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  1. Perfect Procedure System this attacks one of the biggest time and money wasters in the office, DISORGANIZATION of procedures. Besides being disrespectful to the patients by not being prepared for each procedure, you are throwing away precious resources, too.
  2. The office "Eagle Eye," the supreme mechanism for Doctor Focus and Staff Workplace Flow, THE ROUTE BOARD. You've heard of it before, but it has been redefined over the last 3 years to become the MOST POWERFUL efficiency tool in American medicine today! That's right, it's no longer just for dentists anymore.
  3. Step-by-Step instructions and workshop style instructions on how you can catch the Wave of the Future and incorporate a Staff Friendly Checklist system into your practice that your staff won't complain about. In fact, once they've been doing them for a couple of weeks, you won't ever be able to go back...
  4. Plus, you'll get to see uncountable little efficient tricks and tips that Dr. Griffin has made commonplace in dental offices all over the country for the last few years.

Do I have your attention and perhaps your curiosity? I can promise you these exact systems, techniques, and tips made our practice a more relaxed and fun place. And, somewhere we were proud to call home.


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  • The Capacity Academy Review Newsletter
  • The Capacity Academy ADVANCED TRAINING CD
  • The Capacity Academy 'Ready-To-Go' Marketing Tool
  • Access to Dr. Griffin's Acclaimed Staff Checklist Software

UNANNOUNCED FAST ACTION BONUS #4: 2 Seats at Dr. Griffin's Biggest, Baddest Dental Event Ever 2013, Located in Historic Nashville, Tennessee. This is a $1497 Value and you receive 15+ Hours of AGD approved CE. Note: you must be a current member of the Capacity Academy Coaching Program to receive this special bonus and it is LIMITED to the 1st 47 offices. No exceptions.

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"If you want to learn how to be efficient you have to learn Chris' Systems. I'd recommend him to anyone, anytime. It's a great investment."

Dr. King Campbell Pagosa Springs, CO

"If you want to take your Practice to the next level, one thing you have to do is practice Dentistry effectively and efficiently and Chris is one of the few people I know that can get you there.

I honestly believe that if you want to be more successful, more productive and have a happier more fulfilling Practice, getting involved with Chris and The Capacity Academy is some way is an absolute no-brainer!"

Dr. Jesse Chai, Bradford Ontario

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The first day we implemented his System we saw an immediate great improvement in our effectiveness. Thanks to Dr. Griffin, I am now excited about Dentistry again and cannot wait to see what tomorrow might bring."

Dr. Brian Rhoads, West Memphis, AR